How did skate boarding begin? pt.1

How it all began…

Sup Dudes, ¬†so skateboarding is an extreme action sport we all know and love as is with cool skate parks and awesome stuff like that, and it only keeps getting better. However, a lot of our little dudes out there have no idea how this amazing cultural phenomena all came about. so let’s enlighten you guys for a moment.

How it all started:

Skateboards became an adaptation of the famous skates that everyone loved to enjoy¬†during the 50’s. The details on who exactly started skating are to be debated but it is unanimously believed that it was an alternative for surfers during the early 50’s when the waves were flat. Many variations of the skateboard were created during that time and it gained massive popularity. It was called “sidewalk surfing”.

Mass production of the skateboard began in the 60’s from southern Cal surfing companies that built surfboards. Before all of this though there was a sort of beta of what the skateboard we know now called a crate scooter that had a handle on it to help for steering and later skaters used planks. The first sight of these awesome tools of fun was seen and reported in Paris, France in the mid 40’s.

Moving into the 70’s skating had gained tons of popularity even the point of television shows such as “surfs up” and magazines like “the quarterly skateboarder.”

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