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Sector 9 Skateboards
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In 1993, Dave Klimkiewicz, Dennis Telfer, Steve Lake and Tal O-Farrell came together in La Jolla, California to create a longboard company. 20 years later, their backyard business has grown into a multimillion dollar company, having been acquired by Bravo Corp from Billabong International for 12 million dollars in 2016, and one of the most sought after brands in the skateboarding world. Known for its longboards and powerhouse skateboards, Sector 9 has boards for skateboarders of all skill sets and all levels. The company makes its skateboards using 7 ply maple to make them durable for all types of stunts and tricks. This ensures that you can work on your skills at the rink or park without worrying that your board will break. The longboards made from 9 ply maple are perfect for downhill boarding, high speed cruising and smooth turns thanks to their larger trucks and decks. These give riders more wiggle room to move around, handle steep slopes and corners and rough riding. You can get both the longboards and skateboards pre-assembled from various sports stores or online or build your own with custom wheels, colors, designs, bearings, riser pads and even match these with your pads, helmet, backpack or t-shirt.

While the boards durability are ensured by the material and construction, the material used for the boards bearings ensure the rider’s safety. Sector 9 has cosmic bearings which are made of steel and are rated at ABEC 7 and ceramic bearings which are not only lighter and stronger than the finest steel balls but also help prevent debris build up making them last longer without needing replacement. The different bearings used on the boards help improve balance and the way one rides.

Other custom work that you can have done on your Sector 9 board include installing riser pads to give it lift and help prevent it from cracking from wear and tear. Sector 9 riser pads are shock absorbent which helps extend the lifespan on your skateboard. Any skateboarder worth his or her salt knows that maintenance is key to ensuring your skateboard stays in good condition and doesn’t give up on you in the middle of a trick or as you cruise. The company knowing this has included a lineup of skateboard maintenance products to help riders take care of their boards. These include hardware kits that have all you need to adjust or build your board and lubricant to prevent wheel lockup or wearing down of the bearings. The company also has safety gear such as elbows, hands and knees safety pads and helmets to help keep you safe whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider looking to try out a new stunt. Sector 9 has boards for every kind of rider out there including custom jobs and accessories to make your riding experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible such as cool t-shirts and backpacks. With endless choices in terms of skateboard equipment, accessories and apparel, the company has made its mark in the skateboarding world and become a one-stop shop for any skateboarding needs.

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